Apr 04 2017
Ulla Reimer

When I first met the young south Korean photographer SONG KWANG CHAN, I was impressed by his solo exhibition.  More specifically, I was moved by his curiosity about learning and researching different procedures as a means to express his view clearly. His use of infrared imagery in colour and superpositions became his style, enabling him to emotional connect to his subject.


His exhibitions reflect and have been adapted to the place they are being held.  One such example of this was Small Store, a spacial installation on glass prints, which continues to add to this emotional dimension, where the viewer want to go around and discover his space. It moves away from just a single picture.  Some people say that just a single picture is enough to express a situation.  While that is true in certain cases, I believe that when an artist uses photography, as a tool, he goes beyond the single image and takes the liberty to create whatever he wants.  However, he feels about a situation.


SONG KWANG CHAN is constantly moving forward and with every exhibition he develops his inspiration.   Moreover through collaborative efforts with other he is opening his mind more and more. More specifically, he encourages the audience to participate and awaken their own creativity by encouraging them to play with his transparent images. He asks them to to choice and superpose his pictures on a projector to produce their own imagery or artwork.  The person who comes to discover Song Kwang Chan’s exhibition will become an actor of the visual universe of the artist.


I think Song Kwang Chan is on a path of evolution. I am happy to have meet him in Seoul where I am currently living and creating, and wish him good luck.




Ulla Reimer


visual artist, France